Monday, January 25, 2010



MY winter break was boring. All I did was work, played the same game , and I did not go anywere. When I was younger I watched my older cousin work around my grandmas house. I knew that when I turned 13 I would be the one to work all the time. I was right.

The reason why I had to work around the house because Christmas was coming up. The stuff that I worked on around the house were things like set up the tree, vacuum the carpet, and help my uncle get ready for his Christmas party. When I was working it was for a good cause.

Playing NBA 2K9 was fun at first but after a couple of days it got boring. I would have played something else but all the other games I beat on the X box 360.Right after the 5 day of playing 2k9 I lost the playoffs so I got mad and cut it off and said “ I am never playing 2k9 again.” So I asked my step uncle to get me 2K10.

The Reason I did not go any were that weekend is every place I tried to go to was closed. Like the library that is one of my favorite places to go with my cousin. I basically learned how to draw there to so I really wanted to go. My cousin and I left the house and we wasn't thinking about it being closed on Christmas break.

I guess what my essay is about is staying home for 2 weeks, playing the same game, and working for half of the break. I think I learned something those 2 weeks. That is when you get older you barely get presents and you have to work a lot.

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