Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, exciting, and interesting

by PrettyGurlDeija

My winter break was fun, exciting, and interesting. It was fun because I got paid. It was exciting because I went to a New Years party. I had also went to a Christmas party which was interesting.

This is why I was having fun. I was having fun because I babysat my play sister. While I stayed at her house I got to eat all the food I wanted, I was also rewarded with a $50 dollar gift card for my good grades last semester and I also met someone new, and they were my auntie’s boyfriend kids.

This is why having a new years party with my family was fun. I got to see my family, had a dance contest and I talked to my boyfriend, then it was time for the countdown to new years and something bad happened….!!!!!!!! cousin had stole my babysitting money. But even though that happened I still made the best of my new year’s.

On Christmas day I had went to my godparents’ house and we had exchanged gifts. While exchanging gifts I got to see all of my family and I got to have a good time. After the gifts were opened and everybody ate the Christmas dinner we had a dance contest and after that I got my hair done but I ended up loosing the dance contest and I finally went home and opened my gifts and ended my Christmas in bed.

That’s why my winter break was fun, exciting, and interesting. Maybe you should try it with your family next year, thank you for reading my recipe to winter break.

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