Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Year Before High School

by KS

8th grade was a good year. I met a lot of new friends like Julian, Manuel and a couple others. My favorite part was the end because I’m leaving to go to high school. Also, I was on the honor roll the whole year. I found out I’m getting an iTouch for my graduation, hopefully.

This year has been awesome. In the first week of 8th grade I was a little scared- I don’t know why, it just felt weird. After about a month or so I got used to it. My very favorite part was around January, because that’s when I got my first phone. I had a lot of fun with it. I gave my number to all my friends. Sadly, after three weeks I lost it. I had taken it out of my jacket to put it in my pants but it had fallen out of my jacket. I would have heard it, but we were moving our desks in class, so I couldn’t.

I was so mad at myself, I didn’t do any more work that day. I walked out of the school crying. I went to my nana and told her what happened and she helped me go look for it, but we couldn’t find it. After I stopped crying I thought, oh geez, I’m going to have to tell my mom, she’s going to be so angry at me. Then when I got home I told her and she just said, “Okay, that’s your fault.” I was so relieved. Then about two months later she got me a new one.

After all the phone drama was over school, went normally. One amazing thing that happened was that the band, yes I’m in it, won first place in the band competition at Great America. We also won a trophy for being the best band out of all the ones that played.

Otherwise, I’m happy to be leaving because this school is kind of bad. It’s disorganized, and half the people here get suspended so much they should just stay home. I just want to get out. Another reason I’m glad to be leaving is because of some of the teachers. They can teach, it’s just some of them are disorganized.

I’ve always wondered, is freshmen Friday real or not? If it is I’m just not going to school that day. One thing I’m looking forward to is biology. It sounds interesting and fun and you get to dissect stuff, I think, but either way it will be exiting. Also there are more electives in high school compared to middle school, like ice-skating and, I think hockey. Anyway, high school sounds awesome. I don’t know if it will be the best, but I do know it will be cool.

So, that’s what my last year at Claremont has been like, all the reasons I want to leave, and what I’ve been thinking of. Thank you, Ms.Thaler for all I have learned this year. Glad you came to Claremont.

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I'm sure that the teacher would be happy to hear that