Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I Learned in Middle School

by PrincessReema

In 6th grade, this boy whose name was Josh wanted to go out with me. I told him I needed to get to know him better before I started a relationship with someone I don’t know well. So I got to know him better and started liking him, so of course I started going out with him. When we first started going out our relationship was pretty good, but then he started getting very annoying, being very immature and childish. So I talked to him about it and told him I didn’t like the way he was acting. I said, “Could you please stop acting like that, or I’m going to break up with you.” He said, “Yeah I can do that,” and I was like, “Thanks.” The next week he started changing back to his old ways, so I broke up with him. Two weeks later we started going back out because I still liked him. First it was cool, but then he started doing too much and getting on my nerves. So of course he had to go, because it wasn’t working. Through the whole school year Josh and I were on and off, until finally I got tired of him after six or seven times and broke up with him forever. That relationship taught me that when someone says they’re going to change they don’t always mean it.

In the 7th grade there was this new boy at the school and his name was Kevari. He was very cute and he was light skinned, just how I like them. So Kevari and I started talking more and more each day and we finally exchanged numbers. Soon as the school day was over I texted him, and we were texting for like the whole day. I told him I liked him a lot and he said he liked me too. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. I was like, “Good, that’s cool.” He asked me the same and I was like, “Nope.” He asked me out that same night and of course I said yes, because I really liked him.

The next weekend we went to the movies and he got mad at me because when he walked away some boys tried to get my number but I told them no. So Kevari came back and said, “I know you just gave those boys your number.” And I’m like, “No, they asked for Deonna’s number and she doesn’t have her phone so I gave them my number to call her.” I guess he didn’t believe me, so he got mad and walked away from me and went somewhere. My friends and I were walking and saw these really cute guys, so I was like, “They hecka cute, let’s go get their numbers,” so I did because I knew Kevari had left. The next day he called me and was really mad at me and was like, “I know you gave them boys your number because I saw you.” I tried to play it off so I said, “What you talking about? I didn’t give anyone my number yesterday but that boy that tried to get at Deonna.” We kept arguing over the phone so I was like, “Since you have trust issues it’s over, sorry.” Monday when we went back to school he kept trying to get back with me, but I was like, “No.” I sort of wanted to, but I liked someone else so I kept saying no to him.

A couple of days later I started having eyes for this boy named Derell. I thought he was cute in the sixth grade but I never said anything to him. This year he was in my history class, so I was able to get to know him. I was really shy to talk to him so I had my friends ask him out for me, but he told them I had to ask him out myself. So a couple of days later I asked him out and he said yes. Our relationship was really boring. We hardly ever talked. I was really shy in front of him, so I hardly ever started a conversation with him. In the summertime he broke up with me because I never called him, and I never called him because I didn’t have his new cell phone number. At first I was sad a little bit, but then after like five minutes I didn’t care.

After we broke up we started talking every day now that I had his number. I was no longer shy in front of him. I started growing feelings for him when we started talking again. In just a couple of weeks school was going to be starting again. When school started back, Derell and I started hanging out at school. After a month of school Derell and I started our relationship again, and it was going great. We were unbreakable for a couple of months, but then I started getting bored with him and he started getting on my nerves. So, like my other relationship, I told him what he needed to change or I would break up with him. He did, but the next week he went back to his old ways so like I said I would do I broke up with him. My relationship with Derell started being on and off for the whole year. At the end of April I finally got tired of being with him, so I broke up with him for good this time. On April 25th Kevari and I got back together, and ever since then we’ve been going out. I hope this time we last for a long time, unlike before.

My middle school relationships have taught me a lot. Mostly they’ve taught me that you can’t always think about yourself- sometimes you have to think about others.

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