Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Pass of the Past!

by Sparkus

My middle school years have been weird, interesting, and crazy all in one. But one aspect changed the rest of my life. When I first got to middle school I wanted to be on the basketball team like hell! So I waited and waited for tryouts but they didn't come. I was hella mad. Finally, one day the basketball coach, Coach D, announced that he was going to hold tryouts. Tryout day came, I went, and I tried my best. ‘’But not hard enough’’ coach D said. ‘’You didn't pass the ball enough,’’ he told me. I didn't make the team, I was hella mad, and I almost gave up on basketball.

The next year I moved from my old house into a new one, so I transferred schools into Claremont; I was juiced that I was at a new school. I only got in trouble one time, but it was a real big mistake. I was on DHP and couldn't come back until after a court date. Then, in late November, I was able to come back right in time for basketball season. I went to tryouts where I met Coach Finch, excellent coach! I gave it my all and passed the ball more, and I made it too! I was so hella excited, I called my mom at lunch and told her about it. Everything was going great for the season, but at the end of the season we didn't come home with a championship. I was hella upset!

Then my house caught on fire, less than a week before school got out, so I had relocate again. So over the summer I had to move to a new house in east Oakland, but I still attended Claremont for my last year in middle school. I couldn’t wait to start school over again.The school year came real fast, I was ready for basketball season, but it seemed like it took forever to come. Finally the principal announced one day that tryouts would be held in the gym. I was so juiced! So I went to the tryouts that day and gave it my all. I felt greater than ever!

The next week coach Finch announced who was on the team, and I made it! I wasn’t starting because of my grades, but I still made it. My skills this year were better than last year’s. So I was very confident in myself that I would be able to start. In December was the Christmas tournament. I started and we won our first two games aginst Elmhurst and Bret Hart. Then we played in the championship and lost to Montera. It was very upsetting but we played our best, but they played better.

As my mom told me, sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose some, but next time try harder then you did the first time. Since then every game I play I put everything I got into that game, whether I win or lose. I still try my best to win every game. My middle school experiences changed my life, since then everything I do, I try my best and and I’m determined to win. People often tell me that I’m good at almost everything I do, but I say I want to be the best at almost everything I do!!


Sara said...

This is a really inspiring story! Congrats on making the team and on all your hard work. :)

monica said...

This a nice story!I like it.