Monday, June 1, 2009

Transferred to a New School

by MonkeyGirl

My first two years of middle school was very fun. I didn’t get in trouble or anything. I always got straight A’s and B’s. Every semester I got an award. Then I was transferred to Claremont.
After a few months at my new school I got into a fight and my grades went down from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s. My grade point average dropped from a 3.95 to a 2.0, just because my focus dropped.

My most memorable fight was when I fought a seventh grader and I was an eighth grader. It was a surprise because I was nervous and I was also kind of sick. She came up from behind me like a scary punk, but guess what… I beat her down to the ground. She was crying and holding her head. Suddenly I felt somebody grab me and throw me in the street. I looked up and saw my mom, who had come to pick me up. My mom started screaming, “Who the *@&$ is trying to fight my daughter?” Then the girl I was fighting called her a name. I got so mad I tried to hit her again, but my mom held me back and kept throwing me away from her.

Then came time for me to get suspended. The attendance clerk, Ms. Rodriguez, had to walk me to the bathroom because the other girl was sitting in the office crying. When I got suspended my grades went downhill. My life changed a whole lot. I was failing all my classes, and I was too scared to focus on my work, because the girl I had fought had people trying to jump me. I was watching my back everywhere I went.

For the second and third marking period it was hard for me to get back on track. For the rest of the school year I was trying my hardest to make it back up to the top. Every time we had an excellence assembly I wanted to cry because I was so used to getting an award, but no one ever called my name. My eighth grade year was my worst middle school year ever.

Even though all this happened, I learned that school is very important and there is nothing, not even fighting, that is more important than school. When I go to high school I will remember that there is no reason to fight over little things. I know that if I do that, I will be a top student and hear my name called at awards assemblies again.


Anonymous said...

i think that this is very good.. i know that you had a very special boy to kelp u through that

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