Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Experience Ever

by bibo

When I was in 7th grade I thought of joining the band class to see if I could play an instrument. After two months, I was a musician, and I had the ability to understand what music is and how it can help in life. As I started to learn more about music I learned how it could make my life easier. I like music more than any of my other subjects. A few of the things I learned in band were how to identify rhythms, notes, and different musical expressions. As a class, we went on field trips to play and listen to music. In my opinion, Great America was the most interesting. Something that I realized about music is that I never had the image of knowing or having the talent to play music and other things. Music changed my life in ways where I could use it as a pill to help me when or if I was stressed, something I could use when I grow up, something I can enjoy as a talent, and something that I can use as a major when I grow up. As mentioned above, I met a lot of friends that I could not have met if I had never been in band.

In my perspective, band is really a good way to get scholarships or financial aid that can help me if I have trouble paying for college. When I first joined Band class, I thought I wasn’t good enough to be able to read or play music like a professional, not that I am a professional but at least I have a talent. It was time to choose an instrument that I could play and the only easy or simple instrument that came up to me was the trumpet, because I thought that it was the easiest instrument I could play at that time.

The most important lesson that I learned from joining band in middle school was learning to play and read music just like my friends. Music is important in my life because it has become an important task that I must know, and I enjoy it much more than playing sports or reading books. The most interesting part of band was actually playing the music in contests, festivals and performances, which was really fun. Joining band taught me to read, play and enjoy music in different ways. Band not only helped me learn, but I also met new friends and had an exciting time. Band was been an effective part of my life for the last two years. I enjoyed it so much, that I want to continue that experience in high school. Joining band was the best experience in my middle school life.


Sara said...

I was in band in middle school too and loved it...I played the flute. We went to an amusement park also like you guys! Cool story and good luck with playing in high school!

Anonymous said...

i like that you have a passion about music. it is good that you tried new things.good job i like your story