Monday, June 1, 2009


by blue star

It was the middle of my 8th grade school year. Report cards were coming out and I already knew I would get good grades just like always. Somehow my prediction turned out wrong and I got an A, B, C, and two D’s. I didn’t it was that bad; actually, I thought I did pretty great!

My mom didn’t think so; she was so upset she made me wear a skirt to school. I think she did it because she knew I hated skirts, especially this one. It was army print and it had big ugly rhinestones on it. I thought I could be sneaky and not wear it, so early the next morning I decided to sneak a pair of pants in my backpack. After I accomplished that, I quickly ran out and changed by my house. Then all of a sudden my annoying neighbor Roderick who always has something to say, he wanted to talk to me. Out of all people, why him?!

While talking to him I didn’t realize my grandmother was looking at me out of the window like a stalker. She could’ve called me back in the house to keep me from getting in more trouble when I got home. When I spotted her I acted like I didn’t see her and ran toward the bus stop. When I got to school I was so nervous that by the end of the day I had no finger nails . All I could think about was school being over so I could put the hideous skirt back on. When school was over I quickly gathered my stuff and got on the bus, I was so relieved to get through the day without my mom coming by.

When I got home I thought I was safe, by the side of my house I slipped the skirt on. I walked in the house like nothing was wrong. My mom took one looked at me and said, “You didn’t wear that skirt.

"I said “How do you know? Yes I did.” I knew my grandma had already ratted me out to my mom.

The next day I was in a skirt at school. Nobody really laughed at me because most of the girls were wearing skirts anyway because it was hot outside. However it taught me a very good lesson: to not let your grades get low. Also, to not be sneaky and a liar, because you won’t get far!


Sara said...

A good lesson! I like your story. :)

jay said...

sorry that u got 2 d's i use to get grades like that now i am doing better hope you do better

Araxi said...

Good story! It's true, lying and being sneaky won't get you anywhere. :)