Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unheard Story

by ST

It was my first year at Claremont Middle School. I was going to 6th grade- in fact everyone was new. I was really scared and excited. My mom said that it was time for me to be confident, that I could make it, and for me to become a little bit more mature. Of course I listened to my mom, and she gave me the confidence to step into my first class. It was an English and history class. The teacher’s name was Mr. Traylor. He was a cool guy and a nice man, too! We all introduced ourselves and everything went pretty smoothly and I liked my classes a lot, especially Mrs. Baxter’s math and science class!

Soon I met some really nice people. Their names were Ada, Angelic and Nichelle. They were really nice and they actually helped me through my problems. Sometimes (only four times) we skipped class. It was really fun. We had this really irritating teacher, She was sort of ratty looking and she just yelled at everybody even though our work was always done and we were all passing. Back then we never got an F we always got a B in all our classes and we only had 5 classes, so it was easy. When we used to skip we would eat hot fries and drink juices and listen to music. Unfortunately, we eventually got in trouble. After that we didn’t skip any more!

Things were going well for all of us until one day Angelic was crying in front of me! She me told somebody was messing with her! No one would take it seriously even though she kept telling everybody. I was the only one who took it seriously. One day, in P.E., we were changing in the bathroom. When I left, Nichelle and Angelic were still inside, and some sixth grade girls locked them in the bathroom. They just wanted to lock in Angelic, but Nichelle was in there also. I tried to ask them to stop, but they wouldn’t let the door go. I was so angry. While Angelic was crying in the bathroom I tried to console her but she was too upset. I got out of class when the period ended and I took Angelic to the main office. We told them what happened, but no one did anything about it. That day I wanted to say something. I wanted to raise my voice, I wanted to tell them a thing or two, but Angelic told me to be quiet. On top of it, Nichelle didn’t have the guts to say anything.

This was getting out of hand. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just leave Angelic alone. She wouldn’t say anything, even when they said nasty things about her and her mom! I didn’t understand why she was so scared when I was supporting her. I wanted to cry. Finally, Angelic couldn’t take it anymore, so she told the other girl to shut up! What happened to Angelic next was the worst thing I could imagine. She beat her up and took her t-shirt off. Angelic broke down. The next day she didn’t come, and she left the school quietly. I never heard of her ever again.
This is dedicated to Angelic and her unheard story. Now I have the best of friends: Nichelle, Crystal, and Stephon. At Claremont, I’ve truly learned the importance of good friends.

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Araxi said...

Friends are really important! In middle school we learn to be more mature (just like your mom said) and it sounds like you had a very emotional experience. I hope Angelic is ok now. :)