Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Worst School Year Yet

by KW

In 6th grade I always got suspended, if I did do something and if I didn't. Since I got suspended so often, when I did come back to school I got suspended again, even though I hadn't done anything that time. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. Even if I did get in trouble for something I didn't do, I wasn't gonna tell who did it. I knew no one would believe me- they would think I was just making something up so I wouldn't get in trouble.

You might find this amusing, but I spent more of my school year at home than I did at school. The good thing about it was I always got my work when I got suspended. I got suspended for throwing a few milk cartons over the fence, throwing rocks at cars, and getting into many fights. Once with one person, and about twice with another person. The second time I fought him I didn't get suspended, I just spent about the last 30 minutes of class in the office. When our English and history teacher left (or thats what he said- we all thought he got fired), we got two new teachers, Ms. Summerwill and Mr. Reese. The good part about that was they gave the class one assignment each day and we always got an A just for doing it I passed even after everything I did; I think I got lucky

In 7th grade I didn't do the same thing I did in 6th grade- I did way better. My grades improved and I didn't get suspended. I didn't always turn in my work or projects, but I did better than before. When I got home every day my mom would tell me I could do better, and I promised her I would and guess what, she thought I was lying. My classes were good, nothing wrong with them, just the work was the problem. The way the teachers taught kinda made the classes not that good. They never really taught you anything but the same thing over and over and over, and that kinda got me confused to the point were I felt like I didn't need to do the work anymore. Even though I kind of stopped my work, I still made it to the 8th grade.

Now, the time we've all been waiting for. 8th grade, my worst school year yet. All my grades were bad, I was always goofing around, and this year was the most important, too. You wouldn't believe me, and my mom doesn't believe me either, but I'm getting my grades up and I'm going to graduate. That makes me a bit happy.

Overall, my middle school years have been up and down. I've learned that I can't tell teachers how to teach their classes, because I'm just one person, and everyone needs something different in a class. I've also learned that it doesn't take that much effort to go home and do some homework, and it's worth it to get good grades. In high school, I'm going to do what I didn't do in 8th grade: my work.


kevin said...

even though this is my story i still feel the same, well not like always or you get it brah

Araxi said...

Sounds like your middle school years was a roller coaster ride. It's great that your getting your grades up. :)