Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finding My Way

by long legs

Over my middle school years my cousin taught me how to do hair, because I told her I wanted to do hair when I grew up. She said, “Oh, that’s cool, do you want me to show you the steps of doing hair? Because I do hair and I taught myself, with help from my sister.” Then she showed me on my baby doll hair. I was like, “That’s tight! How you do that?” Then she showed me, and I tried and I didn't get it so I was mad. But I kept trying until I got it. Days later... I did it and I was too happy because first I tried and gave up. But then I thought about it, kept trying, and didn’t give up.

On February 23, 2009, I got my first fake nails from the nail shop for my birthday. I had really been wanting them because they are cute and every time I see somebody with them, like my sister, I be like “Them too cute! I can't wait until I get mine.” So I asked my mama. First she said no, but then she was like, “You’re growing up, so yeah, I guess.” And I was too happy. I was like, “Hey, go me!” So then I went to the nail shop and got them, I got blue and white tiger stripes. Too cute! So now I’m still getting my nails and feet done and it’s fun, and girly, which I am.

Being in middle school has changed me because when I first started I was nervous, because this was my first time going to middle school. And then I meet new people and teachers, so a few days later I wasn’t so nervous. I was happy I was in the 6th grade even though I was nervous at first but then got over it. In 7th grade I was happy I was in the grade because I want to see how the 7th grade was and it was cool! Now, in the 8th grade I sometimes wish I were back in the 6th or 7th. But yeah, the 8th is fun and a good experience because in the 8th grade you do a lot of things also.

These experiences taught me that to get what you want you have to keep trying. You can’t give up the first time something is hard or doesn’t work out.

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