Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

by nascar11

My four day weekend was really fun. Friday I went to my cousin's house. We went to the "Louisiana Chicken" on 38th Ave. That's the best food place in the 30's, almost. I got something new this time, the shrimp dinner: six pieces of shrimp and fries, with a suicide soda (mixed flavors). I always get that kind of soda though. That day was funny, my friend drank the rest of my soda and just like NuNu on ATL (the movie) I said "C you drank all my soda!” After that we had a water fight. That day my goal was to wet his face with water and ice!

Saturday I went back to my cousin’s house. We didn't really have anything planned until later that day, when we were going bowling. Earlier we just played outside with each other, ate, and then went to the T-Mobile store. I saw a bunch of phones that I liked. One really "different" one that looked like a digital camera but it was a phone, really cool. Later, like around 8:30pm, we went bowling, laugh out loud. How cute, everybody really thought they could beat me. We made bets, so as long as I live I will never be broke because someone always owes me.

Sunday I went back over there but only for like two hours. Before 5pm my sister came and got me and we headed to her house, well, my god mom’s house. Before we went home we went to the Concord mall, then to Forever 21. After that we went to Popeye’s, my first time ever going there. Mmh hmm it was good, I got the kids meal nuggets and my sister got "naked" chicken. We ate on the way to the house. When we got there we left right back out to meet my god mom at Target. We played around in there for a little while, then we went to the second greatest grocery store ever...Win.Co! My sister and I were "Jerkin'"(the dance), eating candy, having races, and everything. We headed home after about 30-45 minutes. Basically the whole night we were running in and out, but having fun. I went to bed at 1:05am, exactly.

9:20am Monday morning I woke up to a phone call from my cousin saying "Zaayyy...what are you doing." I said in a groggy tone, "Nothing, I'ma call you when I wake up." That lasted for about 37 seconds. From there on my Memorial Day begun. My god mom, two god sisters and I started the process of getting dressed. With packaged up meat we headed out to Oakland.

After we arrived and chilled at my grandma's for a couple hours, we started eating. Dirty rice, ribs, chicken, potato salad, and beans. Of course we had the desserts: banana pudding, seven up cake, and whatever we went to the store to buy. Anywho, Monday 5/25/09 was a really fun day. Oh yeah, and it was my brother's 18th birthday.

I think this whole weekend changed my life for the better. Well, at least opened my mind up more. It showed me I could always count and depend on family for anything, no matter if they get mad or not- especially now that I'm getting older. It showed me to not be shy in front of my female family members. Be myself, the real me!


Anonymous said...

what fun! sounds like a great time and good family. thanks for sharing.

Theebaddest916(aijinae) said...

Zay ur story is so good, and i agree that is da best chicken place in da 30'z keep up the good work.
love ya sis!!!