Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Story

by DW

August 28th, the first day of my first day of 6th grade at Claremont Middle
School, and I was kinda shy when I steped on campus. It was kinda different from
elementary, and when I got to my first class I was happy because I made a lot of
patnas and we had some good times that fist day at school. I wanted to go back to
school really bad because it was so fun. The next day I had gotten more confident to
talk to other people to make friends and luckily I had a lot of cousins that went
here in my first year at Claremont, so I had nothing to worry about, because they
had my back and I had theirs, because we were close like that. When I used to get
into fights they made sure I didn't get jumped. That's why I liked my first year in
middle school and I never wanted to leave Claremont.

The summer of '06, before 7th grade, was the best summer ever, because
that was the last months I spent with my uncle before he died on December 23,
2006. The day he died was one of the worst days of my life, because he was always
there for me all the time. Back then I really didn't have a Dad, so he was like a Dad
to me. When he died I was so sad and angry. I didn't get over that until my 8th grade
year, so that really messed up my life. Back then, when I would think about him I
felt like I just wanted to kill myself, because he was a dad, friend, and uncle to me.
I started getting worse in my classwork, and that's what really messed me up in my
7th grade year at Claremont.

Now I can think about my uncle and not get mad, because I know he's in a
better place, so I feel better about it. Now I'm in my last two weeks at Claremont. I
might not graduate from middle school. I learned that you should always think
about your class work before anything so you can graduate. I also learned that
getting over death takes time.


Anonymous said...

u shudnt think bout ur uncle if it makes u upset.

Bruno said...

pretty cool writing