Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Broken Leg and a Realization

by JV

When I was in the 7th grade I broke my leg playing football for the East Bay Warriors, so I missed more than half the year. I was getting home-schooled because I wasn’t able to walk. Teachers would come out to my house just to help me get caught up with my work that I missed at school. When I came back to school I had a 3.0, so I got an award for being on the honor roll. When I was out for those seven months I missed basketball season and I wasn’t a captain any more. When I realized I wasn’t a captain I worked twice as hard as the other people so I could get better and strengthen my leg.

After I healed, the doctor said I would not grow much more because growth plate was messed up. The doctor said that they might have to break my other leg so I could grow equally, but there was no need to do that because my leg healed correctly. When I went back to the doctor they said I would be 6’5’’ or 6’6’’ when I’m older.

When the doctor said I was eligible to play sports again I immediately got involved. But if I break my leg like that again I will not be able to play sports anymore. Hopefully I will go pro, and when I do I will give all my teachers season passes. Ms. Thaler will get a special seat for giving me a good grade on this essay. My backup plan is to be an engineer. You have to be good in math to do that, and math is my strongest subject.

This experience changed me because I realized that if I break my leg again I wouldn’t be able to play sports. That’s why you have to go to school just in case you have an injury. That why you can have a backup plan if you have an education. A good education can help you in the job market. Business owners and mangers are not interested in uneducated drop outs, the truth hurts but this is reality. Athletic abilities can get you to some great places in life but you should always have a backup plan.


Araxi said...

It seems like this experience was a real eye opener for you. It's very true: you always need a backup plan. Just in case. :)

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