Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Friends to Fights

by YungAce

My life in middle school obviously starts in the sixth grade, but not at Claremont. It was at Sankofa. My first day was cool because that's when I met my first middle school friends. Troy and Hosea were their names. We were real cool and we found out we all like basketball. The end of the school year came along and it came to be that Sankofa was getting dropped to just an elementary school, so we all made a big choice to go to Claremont.

It was a new year for new beginnings and it started at Claremont Middle School. First me, Troy, and Hosea saw each other waiting in line for enrollment, but what I didn't tell you was two other dudes went to sixth grade with me, too: Leon and Alphonso. We ended up seeing them too, and Troy, Hosea, Leon, and Alphonso had another patna by the name of De'Markus. We all ended up having either most or all of our classes together, and that changed a lot of stuff about me. I became a comedian, in a way, but also I learned how life can be like real and fake people. Some of them started to act differently than they had before, and I saw that people are different around their friends. Also, I saw my cousin Mike Lusk and I met Kelman, Jeremiah, and my cousin Kyle. We all played on the seventh grade basketball team all last year. The only thing we did was go around having fun, messing with people and stuff. The end of the school year came and we went swimming, had water fights, the whole nine.

So now we have our 8th grade year. This year has been up and down, from friends to fights. I lost friends from moving away, and also from homicide, but when football and basketball season came it was their lives I dedicated it to. Although I had a great season in both sports I still had school and home to deal with. School was cool in the beginning but just because I did well I started to fall off. The end of the year is near and I messed up twice. I have one more chance to do good, and I have no other choice but to do good so I can finish my athletic career.

This has been my life story in middle school and it has been a bumpy ride. Hopefully from now on my school life will be way smoother.


Anonymous said...

this is a good story.. it shows how u changed and all the friends u got

Anonymous said...

i like your title

? said...

awwww this touched me