Monday, June 1, 2009

Love, Hate & Change

by azn

When I first met my love my life was simple and easy, but little did I know that that was all about to change. Fate was about to make a drastic change in my life. Love was about to enter my world and change me forever.

On about the third day of the seventh grade, at my new school, I met the most beautiful person in the world. The first days of school I did not even notice them, which is weird, because they were so cute. But when I did notice them it was like seeing an angel. The sun was beaming down on them and the birds were singing and their wings sent a worldly stillness that came over the earth and brought peace to all living things.

But then that’s where it all went wrong; I told my friend that I liked this person and my friend told them, but I denied it of course, because I didn’t want anyone to know that I liked them. But as time went on I wasn’t able to hide the truth anymore. My secret was out and there was no way for me to stop it from spreading. Thus my second chance at middle school was ruined already.
For some strange reason I felt the urge to stare at them in class, but that was a bad idea. Staring at them was nice at first, until they started to look back at me. Then I just put my head down, but that gave me awful whiplash. If I couldn’t look at them during the only class that I had with them then I would have to follow them to their other classes and their home if I wanted to see them, so I did.

Well, one day I was following them home, just like every other day, but this day was about to be different. I thought that I was going to be unseen or ignored, but they turned around facing me while I stood in the middle of the street. They reached into their backpack, pulled out a gun, and shot me in the chest.

After that happened I loved them more than ever, but ever since that day I never thought of relationships, love, or sex the same way. I started to think of love as seriously as anyone could think about anything.


kevin said...

i understand that everyone has urges and you cant control them all i say is slow down and be the bigger person

Eby said...

I love the way you describe seeing your love with all the angles and singing.

benjamin whitelight said...

this story is so powerful and touching i would to see the details in a chapter book as a complete story

Garrett said...

Why would you like a person even more who shot you with a gun?