Monday, September 21, 2009

Where am I from …

by SoAy96

I am from lots of plants and trees

I am from dogs walking down the street with their cheerful owners

And Priuses coming down the street quieter than a mouse

I am from a quiet home and a loud neighborhood

I am from nice neighbors and organic gardens

And I am from little kids running around like an army of ants

I am from the smell of home cooked meals that my grandma makes

And pollen from roses and tulips

I am from the sewer on the corner that stinks the street up everyday ewwwwwwwww!!!!

I am from the STOP sign on the corner

And the liquor store around the corner

I am from the Taco Bell up the street

And the big T.V that’s all ways on

I come from mommy and granny flushin’ the toilet every 10 min.

I come from the stove cutting on and off night and day

I am from soap and a big shower

And scented lotion

I come from a variety of FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!

I come from magazines,

Ritz crackers,

And movies, I come from a pregnant mommy,

A funny grandpa, AND A LOUD ME!!!!

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