Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts

By SuperChick

I am from the hospital of Monterey where I took my first breath .
I am from Chinese and Hawaiian restaurants in the reserved section stuffing my face with everything on the menu.
I am from sitting quietly watching the little one scream , shout and stain the couch with his tears.
I am from the pond of frogs I released on my grandmas lawn.
I am from the loud cries and of growing up and deep regret for wishing him away.
I am from the blue skies and the soothing waves on the orange water during a sunset wishing to never abandon my thoughts.
I am from the constant wish to get up and move , to go adventure other places and to search what would really make me say “wow”.
That’s where in from and that’s where I hope I’ll stay !


Anonymous said...

this poem is nice . . .

i like it .

laelae said...

zion this poem was reallty good i likd it alot because it was really from ur heart and explaind alot and plus i was been sipposd to do this and yea its really really good u shuld b a poem writer.............