Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Life

By SwaggaBlog

I am from a place where there
is no water near by. Things like
sounds,voices,music,etc. . . . is not
allowed. When I walk outside, I can
smell the fries, hamburgers,chicken nuggets,
onion rings and ice cream in Burger king during
lunch time. I can see stores being opened,
buildings being and much much more.

When Im at home, I can visualize the present
yesterday from the future today. I can hear the
songs that Micheal Jackson made in remembrance
of him and his life.
When I see my mom cooking, I can smell chicken,
I can see movies on one bookshelf, video games on
another bookshelf and books on the last bookshelf.

When I can visualize my family, the people in my family
reminds me of the actors in Tyler Perry's house of pain.
When I hear my cousins talking to my friends they use
slang words like: yb,blood,broskie,raw,ice,saucy,etc...
When I do something wrong I get yelled at then they
talk about things I can be a better person.
The names in my family reminds me of wonderful
people in this world.

When im at school I see people from thousands of different places
I always hear someone in trouble and much more
I see pizza and chicken and it smells wonderful
I learn lessons the hard way when I am at school for a kid in this life.

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