Monday, September 14, 2009

I am from the oak trees

by AK

I am from shady oak trees,where

one mans trash is another

ones treasure,and grandpas stinky feet

I am from heavenly fresh baked fish,

hungry man,falafel,and a empty dish.

The cafeteria lady glares an expression of

grief,smiles fakely and says,”chicken or beef.”

I am from almond eyes,black hair,

a gigantic dining table and a blue teddy bear.

A pointy diamond,antenna t.v. And spngebob

screaming on t.v.

if you ask me where im from, id know exactly

what to say. where cars never stop,girls gossip

all day.

I live where theres millions of smells,exotic,fresh,

stinky,expensive,burnt,and sweaty, moms cookies,

spoiled school milk,and grandmas spaghetti.

I know where im from and where im gonna be.

its the loud halls,squeaky chairs,and the shady oak trees.


Corporal Afro said...

Coolness and refreshing...ahhhh

George Ella Lyon said...


I'm the author of the original "Where I'm From" poem and I really enjoyed those I found on this blog.

Write on!

George Ella Lyon

P.S. You can hear me read the poem and find further suggestions for writing on my website

C00KiE said...

hayyy i thnk thiss iss anqels!!!!!!!

ahaha hehe