Monday, September 14, 2009

I Am

by KH

I am from my mom
The women who gave birth to me and have good goals for me to succeed.

I am from Oakland where people get active
And don’t care about nothing.
I am from the hot cooking grease where the chicken is crispy and good to eat.

I am from my granny
The women who took care of me and always told me, “you're going to make it” before she passed.
I am from Foodmax the place where I get milk, eggs cheese.

I am from god the man who created this earth.
I am from teachers who give me an education and say “Khaleeqa you could do it only if u put your mind to it, you could accomplish your goals.”

I am from the family who is very loud and like to stay by each other’s side like bread an butter


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Ms.Thaler said...

I'm so glad you're proud of what you wrote! Keep being your own biggest fan!