Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am from

by CorporalAfro

I am from
Dirt roads
Empty cans and bottles
The sweet musical chirps of birds
Interrupted by the revs of Toyotas
I am from
Breaded Chicken
Baby Teeth
Rusted trash cans
And tap water
I am from
Stale Popcorn
Loud clothes
And Puppy love
I am from
Births, Killing and then being born again
I am from broken windows
Leaking Pipes
Global Warming
I am from Crying Cattle
Bathing Babies
And Toasty Beds
I am from yesterday today and tomorrow
I was from Texas
I am now from the west
Of shiny places
And unfamiliar faces
Tall buildings
And honks of Cadillacs murky sewers
filled with rats
I am now from big bridges
And streetlights
And Billboards
Get this today!
It’s new
It’s Now
It’s pow
I am now from
Wobbly desks
And loose pages
Baby pistol
And big business
Hills and cable cars
and safe-keeping
I am now from California

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