Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deep Dark Hole

by LT

I am from a deep dark hole, in the middle of golden state.
People roam the streets with heavy fire power and the only sounds you can hear is people screaming in pain and agony. It smells like blood and gasoline, you see a noose hanging from each tree while blood is dripping from them.

Bodies blood brains everywhere boom!
Is what you hear as you travel deeper in my dark hole.

It’s a horrible place to be
it rains acid and sometimes even bodies
when heaven is filled up with too many of them.

People have made car dealerships named death ride and the other store is blood bath and beyond!!!!
The grocery store sells human heads and animal parts...
My house is made of animal bones and the doorbell has a man screaming when you ring it.
you smell burning bodies and hear people screaming for mercy
i open the door for you while im slaughtering a helpless infant

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