Monday, September 28, 2009

I feel

by DeEpFlutE

I am from a place of despair where no-one is to care. I am from a place of low tolerance.

I feel like if I'm trapped in a never ending vortex and ther's no way out, no-one to help me. To fight

in what you believe in is to be tight, to break free from the cuffs of life is to be the person you want

to be. The waves of life that control me can no longer restrain or contain the beast inside of me. The dreams that drift along will soon come back and let men dream again.The pages of the book waiting to

waiting to spill the secrets that they hid from the people that They read, word to word story to story.

Ashes to ashes, our bodies will stay and decay , our souls will wonder in search of anothr misteovus

place to live a better life to be free and be the person you want to be not who you are told.But, that is

only what I feel.

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