Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I’m from the where you wish you could be

by Sage

I’m from where you have summer winter spring and fall.
Where everyone wants to have a ball
I am from where everyone is rolling down the streets.
And where nothing is never neat.

I’m from where you have trains.
Where in downtown people walk in different lanes.
I’m from where Malcolm X used to live
Where the city is one of my middle names.

Where 125th street is insane
Where the block parties are never lame
I am from where is defined by a series
Of boom and bust cycles
Where everyone misses Michael

All you hear are the kids saying What’s Good?
Where single moms do the best they could
You hear Boom! Almost every night
Because all kids want to do is fight

Where the Apollo is the African American soul
Harlem-gold and very bold


^._.^ said...

yeah! I can so relate!

Sage said...

hehe.i wrote this surprised me because i never knew i could write so good