Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am from

by PW

I am from Cheddar City,

Things I see, hear, and smell is not nice.

I am from police cars flying down the street.,

I am from rap music, street fights, wild party’s, police & ambulance sirens

I am from the Delesbore and Jones’

I am from a very large.

I am from mixed races

I am from the Creo, the German, the Black and the White.

I am from that big house on the left,

I am from brown tables, comfy beds, and my computer.

I am from my big brothers load music to my niece & nephew screaming,

I am from dogs barking and babies screaming down the streets,

I am from Cheddar City & it’s going to stay that way.


Anonymous said...

hi PW dis noah aka swaggablog i love this poem because it is funny but it needs to make sense

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is my blog and PW means Patrica w.
tee hee i like my poem

queen4aday said...

love the "brown house on left" line. however, the poem seems to refer to all the things you are from as being cheddar city.