Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm from Atlanta

by Prettygurldeija

I’m from Atlanta the home of getting crunk and going out and going out at night. I’m from the home of BBQ where ribs and hot links are good with BBQ sauce. I’m from music blasting and the base is very loud. I’m from flowers where the bees take the pollen.

I’m from TV’s where it tells you about life and important things in life. I’m from the park where people have birthday parties and hangout. I’m from my mom who fills me with joy and good thoughts and goals. I’m from the doctor who makes sure I’m not sick and don’t have any diseases. I’m from my room where it’s filled with body lotions and body spray.

I’m from exercising which keeps you healthy and fit.
I’m from food that has a lot of flavor. I’m from money that helps out with bills, child support, and school supplies. I’m from college that helps you get a good education and better careers. I’m from hair that smells good, and im from teachers who teaches you about education and good goals.

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