Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am……Ajanai

By: NayNayBaybe

I am 4rm a family 0v 7
A m0m a dad 3 sistas and a br0tha
I am 4rm listening 2 my parents telling me 2 d0 gud in sk00l
2 having a lil sista invade my space

I am 4rm a m0tha dat c00kz eryday
2 a dad sat kax bak and watchz tv

I am 4rm a mama c00kin everyday
2 a dad dat kix bak an watchez tv
I am 4rma 3 bedr00m h0wse in east 0akland
2 a sk00l named Clarem0nt
I am 4rma sk00l dat haz many strange ppl
2 a h0wse wit my family…

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