Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Leandro

by DV

I Am FrOm ThE HoOd Of bAy FaIr WheRe KiDs AnD PeOpLe DiE. I Am FrOm ThE FaMiLY Of JoHnSoN ,TaYloR ,HaRrIs, VaUgHn. I Am ThE ScHoOl Of ClArEmOnT WheRe I SeE KiDs SmAlL AnD TaLl . WhErE SmElL FrEsH aIR AnD HeAr KiDs RuNnInG AnD PlAyInG. I Am FrOm tHE HoUsE in san leandro where I see rooms and brooms.WhErE I HeAr My FaMiLy VoIces.

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