Monday, September 14, 2009

I am from the spark

by 6tabdanger

I am from the house of, “work first and play last” the words from my dad Tyrone Jamal Dangerfield…..

I am from the school of whistles, kids yelling and pencils falling….
I am from the place where hand sanitizer is Highly Recommended because
It’s filthy……

I am from the world of skateboarding, magazines, and
music….the world of skinny jeans and hats….

I am from the neighborhood of ice cream man bells, wind chimes,
And barking……

I am from the spark that makes your idea bright...the same
Spark that lights the dark so you can know your left from your right…
I am the song that the building refused!!!!!


- natasia * =) said...

i love your . poem , Tyrone ! cool =)

- close friend , Natasia !

Anonymous said...

l0ve da p0em tyr0ne

Anonymous said...

omg loved it...i like the ending alot..."i am the spark that makes your idea bright!!" great line

Stewart said...

If you're going to bite off of Boondocks, at least give credit (your last stanza about the spark)