Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where I'm From

by nascar11

I am from
firm, shaking hands,
good 'ole banana pudding,
and the laughter of
my lil cousins playing

I am from
the smells of coconut,
and tropical punch drinks,
sugary cornbread, and lots
of good, funny, repeated

I am from
the loud engine
roars coming from the
colorful scrapers (a car)
riding down the steets
and the loud hip-hop
music coming from the
unique scraper bikes.

I am from
a family filled with


michael said...

Your writing is really discriptive. I could almost taste your banana pudding and cornbread and see the scrappers driving past. Awesome writing!

Anonymous said...

i think that you;re wording in this poem was very nice, and you make your family sound so fun!

- kelson, and 8th grader