Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am from two different worlds

by exb11

I am from two different worlds.
When I say "different," I mean area
codes too. I go from 9**** to 9****
in a day. I go from yelling to
talking and from barking to birds
chirping. Most people think it cool,
but me, I think it's a drool. It's
hard to keep track of things, and
on top of that, I have basketball
practice two days a week.
I am from a family in which
my parents are always telling
me what to do. And my older
brother is always in my ear.
My dog is always barking and
needs a walk 24/7. I think
she is annoying, but she is my
mom's little angel.
I am from a place where
talking back will get you in-
trouble and fighting will get
you yelled at.
I am from a school where
kids yell and trash falls.
The cafeteria food isn't
satisfying and some of the
teachers get on my nerves.
We always have homework, and
there is always gossip going
around. Even though I have a lot
of problems in my life,
I am from... a good place.


bojangos(donnell) said...

Its beautiful it tell a story about people that have to go through the same thing (I love it)

() ()
\ /

Anonymous said...

i think this poem is prettyy baller

Anonymous said...

Your poem was WONDERFUL!!! i loved it. I really felt for you. I never knew that could be true. Why did you decide to put that out on the internet and share that with the world? What made you want to write about that as yoru poem?
It is very well writen and great!! I'm sorry that you have to live that way!!!

~8th Grader

Anonymous said...

I really admire how you can have so many things going wrong in your life, but you still pull through in the end and it all works out. It's really inspiring.

~xoxo, Rosealie :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, students! I am seriously considering having my class do something similar, and I may consider placing their poems online as well.