Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dancing Heart

by Shadow

I am from the leaf blown streets
of energetic kids playing
the laughing sirens
of which trees inhale.

I am from the purr of cats,
the croak of fire
and the sight that the street lights hold.

I am from mysterious books;
Twilight, Elsewhere, and Bottled Up.
I feel dry waters soaking my feet
and wet winds, crying in my face
I am from the warmth of friends around

I am from crystal grounds
that sparkle of a new day's light
The dark nights without a shy of light
and the bright, milky sun in my window

I am from grass-stained jeans
that work as hard as I do
the slippery bodies of snakes
that race in the icy, warm waves

I am from the breezy coast
and the seagulls screaming above
but I know I am most from...
my heart that dances with me.


Sara said...

I really like your has great images!

Anonymous said...

This poem is really descriptive- possibly one of the best on this page. I like all of the sensory details. It really puts this into perspective. Good job! I can't wait to read more!

France said...

I love your poem. I am amazed. Are you really an eight-grader?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can see, feel, and hear where you are from.