Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am from

by long legs

I am from the fabulous woods,
legs shaking, hair waving,
looking at deers, ligers, and monkeys.

I am from pink and purple lights,
that sparkle,
wondering why?

I am from a yard of rainbow
flowers, smelling them, and looking at them.

I am from a extraordinary closet,
big, small, and tall
but what's inside?

I am from OMG,
O my gosh, looking lost, thinking how,
but saying good bye!

I am from bright colors,
and light colors, wondering
... Laughing out loud...


Anonymous said...

I love the voice you used in this poem. The short stanzas are great. Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's really good !
I can totally relate, girl.

~~ Piper

Anonymous said...

high 5! i hav long legs 2!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your use of color makes your poem very vivid. Good work!