Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am From the 5 p's

by Lucky

I am from hot as hell Oakland. I see
flowers that look like a rainbow on a
sunny day. There are as many names as
letters in the alphabet. There is always a
smell of barbeque as if they eat nonstop.

I see a fridge full of family pictures to
how many kids are at school. My dog's
barks are like lightning and thunder
hitting the earth. The smell of cooking
is that of food in a 5 star restaurant.

My family's eyes are as blue as the sky.
The saying that comes up the most is
the 5 p's. D****, D****, and J**** are
the names of the members of my family.
I've learned to treat people they way you
want to be treated.

The school smells as if the worlds trash
has been left there. You hear yelling as
if the people are deaf. I have learned that
hard work pays off in the end. I see teachers
trying to teach bad kids in a class.


Anonymous said...

the 5 p's

Ms.Thaler said...

I remember my Mom saying "Mind your P's and Q's," but I don't know what the five P's are. I am guessing one of them is "please," but what are the other four? Care to enlighten us, Lucky?