Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am from somewhere but where

by Monkeygirl

I am from a family
who teaches manners
who teaches respect

I am from a neighborhood
where I hear hip hop and rap
where I hear yelling
where I hear bells on the Ice cream trucks
where I hear televisions.

I am from a school
where I see new teachers
where I meet new students
where I learn to do the best I can

I am from a kitchen
where the dishes are done
where the trash is taken out
where the fried chicken and macaroni is made

I am from nachos
where it's not as gooey as soup
cheesier than a McChicken
from McDonalds

I am from a school
where all you hear is
whistling, tapping pencils, tapping shoes,
talking, and yelling

I am from the air
where you smell food
where you smell chopsticks

I am from my mom's
light brown eyes, short hair
where she dresses like a teenager
with her Hanna Montana shirt.

1 comment:

Ben said...

I'm really feeling this poem. I like that the artist used repition and other literary devices (nice similes!) to draw the reader in.

Nice work.