Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am from a family full of smiles and Jokes

by littleboy5_0

When I go to 7-eleven,
I am from the cars driving by and the busses stopping,
I am from the kids playing outside,
I am from the fresh air blowing by,

I am from where the school bell never stops ringing,
I am from the hallways packed with kids and teachers,
I am from where the teachers never stop talking,
I hear kids yelling,
I learn new things every day.

When I go home I see my T.V.,
I am from the computer sitting in my room,
I am from the small of my mom making flavorful spaghetti,
I am from me and my sister S***'s room.

Whenever I see my family I feel like I am
going to burst with happiness,
I am from the family full of smiles,
I am from where I learned never to talk to strangers,
I am from a family full of jokes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You sound like a person who sees the best in everything. I enjoyed reading such a happy, personal poem.