Sunday, September 21, 2008


by Too+Fresh=Fresher

I am from the noisy neighborhood
Everybody hanging out
Watching everyone talk
I am from r&b &hip-hop blasting
Go stupid
Go dum
And can u turn that music down
I am from the smell of marijuana like
Trees be like omg
I was like I thought they quit
I am from Manzanita rec center
Where I got to play
Hang out have fun
I am from a house where everyone watch TV
I am from old furniture sitting outside
I am from the noise from the computer
Moms yelling turn that down
I am from the smell of bacon
I smell flowers
I smell soap from the shower
I am from the family that stays on MySpace

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most all of these poems and journal entries are extremely sad it seems to me that there is no hope. They are very truthful and honest. But when people are taking about drugs that is just sad.
I wish you the best and a smile on your face. remamber
there is always hope