Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am From

by PrincessReema

I am from where they be hatin' and not appreciatin'.
Kids running in the streets doing things they know they shouldn't be doing.
I hear cars blasting music just doing that to show off their cars.
I am from where everyone is competing seeing whose stuff is better.
I'm from where you look at the end of the corner and see a liquor store.
I see everyone wearing name brand things just to be flashy.
I see everyone on their cell phones walking down the street.


Aileen said...

Wow. This is deep and real. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Princess Reema-
THis poem really spoke to me. It made me think about how some of my friends live. It is really interesting to see what other peoples lives are like too

~8th grader, Edward Cullen

Anonymous said...

don't be hatin'

Ms.Thaler said...

Ooh, I just started reading Twilight and now I get the reference, Edward Cullen. I love your literary allusion!