Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is my family

by Dre

I am from East O***** living in a medium sized home,
around my neighborhood is where I roam.
Little chihuahuas running down the street,
cool expensive cars slammin their beats.
I can hear the sirens and see kids playing in the street
and down the street are friends that I'll meet.

People selling food on the street and it makes you want more.
Where everyone hangs out at the corner store.
My family, we do and say funny things
but don't fight or steal, that's a sure thing.
I hug my family and love where I live-
love and respect is what we all give.

To where I am from school, people playing at the court
to hangin with your friends and warn them "LOOK OUT!!"


Anonymous said...

Your poem is very interesting and sounds like you have a fun family and an interesting school where you can play B-Ball.

Keepin it fresh
Mikey D.

chris brown said...

this go! why you got chihahas in the street?