Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for all the comments!

We are so excited that people have been reading our blog! We would love to know who you are and what part of the country you're from, so leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading our work!

- The Thaler Scholars


Sara said...

Hi! My name is Sara and I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley. I grew up in Ohio.

Turadg said...

Hi! My name is Turadg and I am a graduate student at CMU. I grew up in LA.

Theo Zimmerman said...

My family is living in Tokyo, so we are ahead of you by about 17 hours! I posted this at 10:46 in the morning, but back in America your site says it's 17:46 in the evening! We moved here from England three years ago. I used to live in Liverpool, but we moved when I had just graduated from the 8th... grade I guess you would call it in America. It's interesting to see how different our experiences were!

Ms.Thaler said...

Hi Theo,

Thanks for reading our blog, and telling us about yourself! We're amazed that we have international readers. How did you find the blog?

Ms. Thaler

Anonymous said...

Hi! I won't state my name, but I'm a middle schooler who knows and is friends with many of Ms. Thaler's students. Great job everyone!