Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am From

by ~Dr3@m$~

I am from the music we listen to
the movies my mom, brother & I watch.
my cat meowing

I am from the cars racing down my street,
the pollution in the air,
the chirping birds,
and the pitter patter on the ground when it rains.

I am from my family.
the music I listen to.
The book Twilight.
That smell in the house that tells you someone cooked.
Most electronics.

I am from C**** Middle School.
basketball hoops on the yard.
Cafeteria food that my friends don't eat.
Geometry with Ms. N****.

I am from blondes to brunettes,
Short hair to long & back,
boys to girls,
brown eyes to green or blue,
"Don't talk to strangers" to "Make a lot of friends,"
My mom, my brother, & cat,
and "Finish your homework" to "I love you."

I am from my friends to cousin
my fashion to theirs
and the love between us.

I am from the yelling on the schoolyard.
to the fighting,
from the different instruments
to the different race of boys & girls,
the amount of time for passing period
to the many rules :(
and on to teaching & friends

I am from my neighbor, Kitty,
Twilight time to dawn
cats & dogs to the many types of plants
from UPS trucks that drop boxes off,
Quickstop gas station down the hill,
and noon to midnight.

I am from the universe,
milky way,
solar system, earth,
North America,
California, *****,
and my home,


Anonymous said...

I really like your poem we did I am from poems last year so I can totall relate. Also liked that you had a little bit of dialouge. Also I LOVE the Twilight series and I liked how you wrote from Twilight till Dawn. Overall I think you did a really good job.

Anonymous said...

I thoght your poem was really good. We did the same poems so I now that they can be hard to write but you did a really good job. I loved some of the lines like the from twilight to dawn line. And also I love the twilight series sooo good.

george said...

I really like your poem. It was well written.