Monday, September 29, 2008

Conversation Transcript

by bojangos

T: Hi, D.
D: Watz up T.
T: Nothing much.
D: What's today?
T: Monday.
D: Thank you.
T: I heard that you skipped school.
D: Me, no way.
T: Yeah way.
D: Are you sure they were talking about me?
T: Yeah, they specifically said your name.
D: Who said that?
T: This guy named J I think.
D: Are you sure?
T: Oh, hi J!
D: We were just talking about you.
J: Yeah, what were you guys talking about?
D: Oh, we were just talking about how you were spreading rumors about me skipping school.
J: Ahhh, I got to go.
D: Yeah you better run! Oh, I can't stand him.
T: Oh, I gots to bounce, peggity peace.
D: What?
T: Just leave.

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