Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unneeded Stuff

by LittleBoy5_0

One year ago, during the second to last week of April, I had to switch schools because of what happened one day at a library. What happened that day was something that I will not forget. One day after school, I went with my friend Guadalupe to the Diamond District's public library, and that’s when it happened. I was just walking down the street toward the library with Guadalupe and I saw two girls and one guy. I knew the girls from my algebra class. I didn't see who the guy was because he was wearing a black sweatshirt.

I saw the guy turn to the two girls and I heard him say, “Watch this.” Then he ran up to me, started patting all my pockets, and said, “What you got?” I didn’t have any money or anything valuable on me, so he wasn’t going to get anything off of me. So I just kept walking toward the library, with him following me (Guadalupe was still standing where I had been before).

At first the two girls were just standing and laughing, but then he yelled at me, “B**ch, where you think you going!?” and started following me. Then the girls started yelling, “STOP! LEAVE HIM ALONE!” But that didn’t stop him from doing what he did. He ran up behind me and punched me in my head! My vision blurred and everything went black for a minute, but it didn’t hurt. I almost fell, but I just kept walking to the library.

Some other girls had seen what happened and they kept asking me, “Are you okay?” Of course I was physically okay - it didn’t hurt - but what had hurt me was why the kid hit me. I believe it was because I look white. I get picked on a lot in school because I am part white, and people think I’m weak because I’m mixed race. But I’m not weak; I am a strong person in my perspective. I don’t claim my white side because of those reasons.

An hour after what happened I went back home, and I told my sister what happened. She got really mad, called her friends and our mom. She told her friends that they were going to kick the kid’s a**. My mom called the police. I went with my sister and her friends to the library, but the kid was already gone. They became even madder than before, and we went back to my house, where the police were waiting. I got asked a lot of questions and people driving by were staring at me, which made me uncomfortable. I yelled “Keep your eyes on the road!” which made them all look away.

Then I felt relaxed. The police asked me if I knew any of the people who were at the library. I told them I knew the two girls, and that I didn't know the boy. They asked me if I wanted to go to court but I refused. I just wanted to forget about all that.

Then the police left. Finally the day was over. I couldn't go back to school; my mom wouldn't let me, and I wasn't arguing. I called a friend around 5:00 and he told me police came to school and were questioning some girls (the girls at the library). I said it was not my problem.

I didn't go back to school for a month. My mom was looking for a good school for me to go to. She found Claremont, and now I'm here. I've put the past behind me and I've met new people like Jackie, Kinshasa, and Julian, and I have been enjoying life ever since!


malik wilson said...

i understand how u feel and you r very nice for taking up for someone

^._.^ Shadow said...

Aw... :( I'm sorry. Nice stuff though!

Georgy Superchicken said...

You have had an unnecessarily rough few months. Glad it settled down.

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Araxi said...

I think it was a good decision to leave those things behind you. What happened wasn't fair, but you got through it and now your here at Claremont! :D