Friday, May 29, 2009

Claremont <3

by Llover

These last three years have changed my life in a lot of ways. In the beginning of 6th grade I was pretty nervous about entering middle school. I would be going from the top to the bottom (as in 5th grade top to 6th grade bottom), plus we had more than one class, AND we were expected to memorize our whole schedule. I was somewhat reassured by the fact that a bunch of my friends from elementary school were going to CMS, too. That year I made a couple of new best friends. We would all hang out and have lots of fun! I also was introduced to issues such as drug use and gang rivalry. Usually that would be bad, but it opened my eyes to the things some kids my age have to go through.

In 6th grade I had my first overnight school trip—to Point Bonita. I was really excited because a lot of my friends were going, too. The trip was kind of a letdown. The cabins weren’t that nice and the food was mediocre. The activities we did on the beach were pretty fun though! At the end of the year I was super excited for 7th grade. I would see all my friends again and we would have twice as much fun! Then, I found out some of my close friends weren’t going to CMS next year. I was going to miss them so much.

In 7th grade, it was even better than 6th grade. Gradually I became friends with almost the whole 7th grade. That was the fun part, saying “HI!” and hugging everyone during passing period and just knowing almost everyone. In the middle of the year I got into a humongous fight with one of my best friends. We just didn’t agree on anything anymore and the more we fought, the more we split apart. All this fighting made me so tired, but if I backed down it would make it seem like I was agreeing with her and (at the time), of course, that could not be allowed!!! Eventually that “friend” transferred to a different middle school.

What finally got my mind off all that fighting was the 7th grade Yosemite field trip. We went to Yosemite for a whole week! During that one week, I got close to some of my classmates and even closer to my other friends who went. At the end of the year, I found out that one of my best friends who had left CMS last year was coming back in 8th grade and that another one of my friends from a different school was also transferring over for 8th grade year. I couldn’t wait!
My 8th grade year is the best school year I have had so far. I was way more social with the 7th and 8th graders. I had a lot more friends than before and my grades weren’t that bad either. I even went out with this really awesome guy (though that didn’t end well). I’m also excited about graduating and going on to Tech, though I’m going to miss my 7th grade friends and my 8th grade friends who are going to other high schools.

I know I am fortunate that my memories of middle school are mostly of friends and good times. Other kids my age have been through a lot more. I hope I remember all of them because they made my middle school experience really special.


Anonymous said...

i liked your story! it was really great!

Anonymous said...

really? the Yosemite trip? i didn't get a chance to go but yeah, it sounded like a lot of fun and it would be really relaxing, hiking, water falls, camping, ect.

Anonymous said...

That is really nice. I will miss you 2.
MB iz near!