Friday, May 29, 2009

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

by Super B@d

I have many middle school memories. It all started on the day of August 28, 2006, the first day of 6th grade. That was the day I met my three best friends, Madi, Andria, and Kareema. Madi and I met in Ms.Taylor-White's class. I knew Madi and I were going to be best friends because we always hung out at school. Kareema and I met in math class. At first we didn't really get along but then we worked out our differences. I also met Andria in math class and I knew immediately that we would be very good friends. All of us have been best friends since that day and I believe we will always be best friends.

In middle school I have had many experiences that have made me more mature. The first is when my sister first started school, because I had to pick her up from school and help her with her homework when my mom was busy. It was hard because she wasn’t really listening. She didn’t want to do her work at times too. This helped me to see how my mom felt and how hard it is to multi-task.

At first when I started middle school, my GPA was very low. I was worried I wouldn't get to go to the next grade, but I just barely got promoted each year. When I got to eighth grade, I got to take a new class called AVID. I chose to take AVID because Mr. Smith, the AVID teacher, said it would help us do better in our other classes. I'm glad I did that because it helped me to bring my GPA up. Another thing I've enjoyed about being in eighth grade is that I get to graduate and go to a new school next year, and since I've been taking AVID, my GPA has been higher and I haven't had to worry about whether I'll pass or not.

Overall, middle school has helped me make new friends. It's also made me more mature and made me focus more on my grades. I am glad that I got to spend the last three years at Claremont and I am also happy I made a lot of lifelong friends.

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omg this is sucha good essay I was blessed to be able to read this thank you so much