Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Ant and Now a Graduate

by Sugar TumTum

When I first came to Claremont Middle School I was a 6th grader. I really didn’t like middle school that much because we had to go to hella different classes, and people were always pushing and playing in the hallway. But even though I was scared and nervous at the same time, I got over it after the beginning of the year.

Then I became a 7th grader, I was kind of bad in the beginning of the year because I didn’t care about doing any homework or going to all my classes. But then my mother told me that the only reason why my teachers were passing me was because I learn differently and slower than everybody else. The reason why I learn slower is because sometimes I don’t get what they are talking about. I’m something like a special kid, kind of, but my mom was telling me, “You need to step it up because I don’t want you to just get passed. I want you to succeed and go to college.”

So when I got back to school for 8th grade, I started trying to get my get my grades up and turn in all my homework. I started trying to get A’s and B’s on my report card for my 8th grade year. It’s not because I wanted to pass the 8th grade- I knew I would pass no matter what, because of what my mom had told me. Instead, I was motivated by my mom’s high expectations for me.

I didn’t do so well in the beginning of the year, or as we say, the 1st marking period. My grades were bad, I had a C- History, D in P.E., F in Science, C in English, and a B- in Algebra 1. My mother was disappointed, so I sat in my room thinking about what I should do to get my grades up.

The next day I was in my classes saying, “I’m going to do all my homework now.” I started doing my homework and handing it in on time, went to all my classes, and went after school for help and stuff. And now I have a B in History, A- in P.E., A in Science, B+ in English, and a C in math. My mom said she was so proud of me. Now that I’m on the honor role, my whole family is proud of me. Now I can go to the dinner dance, the 8th grade field trip, and now I can walk the stage.

My conversation with my mom showed me that instead of just sitting in school, I needed to pay attention and do my work. Her belief that I could do well if I tried made me believe in myself more.

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