Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Big Class At Claremont Middle School!!

It started at Westlake Middle School. At first I was put in the big classes, but when I started going a teacher told me that I was in the wrong class. They put me in the right class, so I was in the smallest class, but I didn't like it. Then I transferred to this school called Claremont Middle School. I was put in the small class there, too. I didn't like Claremont at first, but then I met this girl named Kenyonna Scott. She was calling me her BFF, which means Best Friend Forever.

My first big class was great because I thought I would never be in any big classes at Claremont Middle School. I got to switch into one cause in the small class I was smarter than that. In the small class there was easy work to do, like math that was so easy. I thought the spelling and reading was easy, too. My mama said that I read really well. My mama’s boyfriend told me that I can read better then him. I'm all like, ok, that's good. At first, the big class was hard because I wasn’t used to that kind of work, but then I got used to it.
by MF

Kenyonna, that girl that I told you about, she is just a ''drama queen.” But she is a good friend, she tells me everything and I tell her everything. We’re supposed to have an 8th grade Dinner Dance, but one of my other friends said she might not go. I was like, “You better go, ‘cause it’s your first dinner dance!” She might go.

Now that I'm an 8th grader I'm thinking a lot about going to high school. I'm scared, I don't know why, I just am. I don't know what high school I'm going to. I might go to Oakland High School, but my other friends might go to a different school, but my BFF is going to the same school I'm going to, so that's good. My mama wanted me to go to this school in Alameda. I was thinking of going, but I would be by myself. So yeah, our graduation is coming up, then summer. So that's it about my 8th grade life and my first big class.


Anonymous said...

My friend goes to Westlake.How was that school?

Araxi said...

It sounds like Claremont was great for you and your "first big class" really changed your life. :D