Friday, May 29, 2009

My Life as a Middle School Kid

by mylife_247

My middle school years were very normal. Not that many things happened to me, except this one year which was the 8th grade. In my advisory we go to a special ed class and help the special ed kids with their classwork. I think those kids are very nice and they are way more than what other people think. They are very smart and also helpful for many things.

There is also one special ed kid named Adrian who comes to our English class. I really didn't know Adrian so at first I felt sorry for him. Adrian has cerebral palsy. I learned a lot about him from his one-on-one aide, Ms. Shante. Now I know he uses a device to talk to us. He uses a wheelchair to get around or go places. He is like a normal person but is just different from the outside but the same in the inside.

Just seeing the everyday life of people with disabilities is very awesome. I see other people get mad at the littlest things, but if they put themselves in the shoes of people with special needs they would see how easy they have it. Also I see people act extra nice to them just because of their disability. I think it is wrong because they want to be treated the same way as you would want to be treated.

I think I have changed because when I was in the 6th or 7th grade I would laugh at kids with special needs but now I know how hard they have it. Sometimes I feel bad when I remember how I used to laugh at them but I can't change it. So, so far that is what I have learned and it also changed my life in many ways.


Skolnik said...

I really appreciate what you wrote. It's moving and inspiring and hopefully should remind your teachers that all students at your school should have opportunities to get to know the special ed kids so they can learn what you did. thanks for writing this.

$$Mrs. Williams$$ said...

i don't know who this is but i think that this i vary nice. also because i fell the same way because i use to laugh and when i go the chance to meet them i didnt laugh ant more and would tell other people not to laugh