Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Years At Claremont Middle School!!!!!!!

by CH

It was my 7th grade year. It was just a regular day in Ms. Ferrell’s class, with me always hiding in the background, hoping that no one would ever notice me, but all that changed when Ms. Ferrell told us that we were going to do a play based on King Lear. When I heard that, I was shocked! I didn't like people to look at me because I didn't feel like I belonged. I felt like I had no friends, and the only time I could talk to people is when I had something they wanted, like gum.

Then Ms. Ferrell told us that we had to do a scene with a partner. I didn't want to because I didn't like the feeling when somebody doesn't like you so they say things like, ''I don't want to work with her.” After a few days, though, I noticed that the person I was working with was nice and she wanted to be my friend. At that moment I was so happy. I felt like I belonged and I wasn't scared to do things that involved me standing in front of the class. In the end I learned that not everyone is how I might judge them to be.

In my 8th grade year, things really changed for me. Some of the reasons were friends, grades and confidence. For example, because of my newfound confidence I have been able to make more friends, which helped me a lot, especially when it came to my grades. All of my friends help me when I miss or even don't understand something. They are always there to pick up my mistakes and help me solve them. One of the things that they've helped me with is my English class, because I had the same class as them, so I was able to get work that I forgot. Because of that I got a B instead of an F, and I got a Most Improved Award. It was a great experience to know that I will always be helped when I need it, and that I raised my grade up with the help of my friends.

Even though I have been here for only two years, I have noticed that all the challenges that have happened helped me to change into a better me. It showed me that things work in a lot of strange ways, because who knew that I could make a friend from a play or have good friends that would help me a lot? I have had fun over my two years and I know I am now ready to face more and accept bigger challenges.


kevin said...

that always happened to me in 7th grade, good thing you don't worry bout stuff like that

Mr.cookie said...

i think you doing great, and you found what you want to do, and you have you friend with you,is it a really great story, good job

Araxi said...

Great story! It's really hard to feel unwanted and keep getting up in the morning, and your story shows just that. :)

Anonymous said...

Its ok you will make it through :]

sahiba said...

cool story i really liked we should have meet last year i was the same just like you..